2021 – My year with nature

I’ve never been one for setting New Year Resolutions. However, I do really like the idea of heading into a new year with a focus, a sort of, intention if you will. It’s for this reason that last year I decided to take up the challenge of setting a word for the year. I liked that rather than naming a single, specific goal to achieve within the next 12 months, it provides a theme which guides the direction you choose to take your year. In 2020, my word was FREEDOM. I found that tying my goals and resolutions back to this word ensured it remained at the forefront of my mind, with a higher chance of creating the change I wanted.

This year my chosen word is NATURE.

To me, this word represents far more than simply being immersed often in nature. Although I fully realise that after a year of working mostly inside my kitchen, I do need a stronger connection to the outdoors, my interpretation of my chosen word for 2021 is about being one with nature. Accepting and appreciating that we humans ARE nature. The Earth and its inhabitants are miraculous (and complex and amazing), and I want to relish in the fact that I am here, right now, and although tiny, I am part of it all. 

2021 - My Year with Nature

This year, every choice will be decided after considering the impact it will have on nature. On our Earth, fellow humans, animals, insect beings and microbes. In order to achieve this, I aim to focus on:

  • Becoming more rigorous in my attempts to eliminate packaging and reducing waste.

After a very busy 2020, I was reminded of how cleverly the system is designed for working long hours and buying into the *convenience* created by big companies in their provision of fast food, fast transport, and fast access to everything we supposedly want and need. The busier you are, the harder it is to function sustainably. As a result, I have set some boundaries for this year, enabling space for a mindful approach to the movements I make and things I do.

  • Committing to eating a few more plant-based meals each week and to sourcing these from my own garden.

I hope to grow a larger variety of food at home and on our street verge. I’m aiming to plant native trees and small shrubs within my community and to do this with an understanding of my local area and the needs of my family, ensuring a garden well-suited to both.

  • Falling into the natural rhythm of my body

I’ve become increasingly aware that as women, we weren’t designed to go-go-go every day of the month. Just like mother nature, we too have four distinct seasons each month. I’ll surrender to this natural rhythm and will now schedule quiet days into my calendar each month of this year, acknowledging the rest which my body will crave at that time. Don’t worry, none of you will know any different, I’ll simply be booked…with nature!

  • Creating an indoor garden oasis.

No matter what I do, there is a certain amount of time which I must spend inside, so I’ll just have to bring nature inside with me! I envision hanging and potted plants throughout my home which I’ll lovingly tend to. To date, I don’t have the best track record with indoor plants so there’ll be some necessary reading up on which ones are best and how to keep them thriving. 

  • Seeking out education and a deeper understanding of our world.

I’ll search out books, shows and podcasts which will educate me more on nature and the world’s wonders. I’m on the hunt for inspiring nature documentaries and amazing books about plants, ecology and regenerative agriculture. I’m particularly excited to immerse myself in the work created by Dr Zach Bush. I really resonate with his articulate words and the connection he draws between our harm to nature and all the unrest we’re experiencing in this world right now.

  • Becoming even less reliant on technology.

With Facebook already gone from my phone, Instagram is next on the list. My plan is to access these only on my computer to avoid the inevitable, unconscious phone scrolling which sneaks into my days and steals time from the important parts of life. I’m eager to find out more about the effects of Wi-Fi and will explore direct connection options for our house.

  • Explore nature’s role in spirituality. 

Last, but certainly not least, I want to dive deeper into the modern versions of ancient cultural practices, such as meditation and women’s circles. I see the connection with others as a huge part of nature and I’m yearning to learn more.



And with that, I’d love to hear from you! Do you have a focus for 2021 or are you more of a resolution type of person? How do you see the coming year unfolding for you? Also, if you’ve got tips for my indoor plants or suggestions for reading, watching and listening I should be doing to further my knowledge, I would truly appreciate you sharing them.

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