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nourishing body & soul

At Dandelion & Mallow, we espouse a different way of catering. We believe in nurturing the Earth. We relish growing and gathering our food and we support local food producers who share our passion. Our produce is sourced from farmers who, like us, nourish the soil and prioritise the biodiversity of the land, water and skies through organic, biodynamic and regenerative farming principles. We cook with love and we encourage a slow, mindful lifestyle. We believe our overall health is sustained in time spent around a table, enjoying a meal and the company of friends and family. These are the moments which forge deep connections with those you love and provide comfort for your mind, body and soul.

It’s this philosophy which inspires our meal offering.

Gather & Share


– Choose from breakfast, lunch, dinner or morning or afternoon tea.
We’ll create a delicious, share-style or buffet-style meal, designed to bring your group together. We can tailor it to your needs with added inclusions such as, grazing platters, post-meal grazing boxes, housemade sourdough with organic butter, local cheese boards, desserts and a selection of locally made (non-alcoholic) drinks. Our speciality is gluten-free but we cater to all dietary requirements or allergies, just let us know. We’ll lovingly prepare your food fresh on the day of serving. We arrive 45 minutes before your selected eating time to thoughtfully present your meal onto your (or your holiday property!) bowls and platters. Then we quietly exit, leaving you and your guests to enjoy the food and company and to take care of the clean up afterwards.
If you would like table setting and styling (includes linen napkins and florals) for your gathering, we highly recommend our preferred supplier, Shady Fig. Please contact them directly -


Our holistic approach to sustainability means every morsel we serve is consciously chosen.

This includes our:

Natural Sweeteners

The delicious sweetness you’ll taste is drawn from pure Canadian Maple Syrup, raw local honey, organic dried fruit, organic coconut and rapadura sugar, not from the refined type.

Ethical Animal Products

All our animal products have been ethically sourced. They’re truly free-range, pasture fed and, as much as possible, locally raised.


Every single grain, legume, seed and nut has been soaked in filtered acidic water, reducing the phytates and lectins, leaving you with all the nutrition and an easy digestion.

Fats Only

You’ll get only the good fats, the once which are pure and good for you. We use coconut oil, ghee, organic butter, animal fat and extra virgin olive oil.


All the way down to our water, which has been filtered, alkalised and re-mineralised.

Waste-Free Philosophy

We strive to reduce our footprint on this beautiful Earth. When we’re not supporting local farms and markets, we’re making everything from scratch, minimising our packaging. Leftovers are consumed or go straight back into our vegetables and herbs as compost. We’ll use your crockery, cutlery and platters or we can provide gorgeous serving platters, bowls and utensils for a small hire fee.

To understand more about how we can complete your special occasion, please get in touch.